When daddy’s home…we play!

Austin’s schedule right now has been crazy, he is definitely gone more than he is home. Honestly, it has been like this since our daughter was born (almost 2 years ago). Needless to say our daughter has never known anything different. She definitely makes the most of her time with him. They love to run around in the backyard, hit the golf ball around, pretend to play video games and (my personal favorite) cuddle while watching cartoons! I love the smile she gets on her face when she has her daddy’s undivided attention. More than anything I love seeing the smile on his face as he sees her joy. I pray they never lose this bond they have now and I’m not sure if their bond would be as strong if he was home every night. Part of me thinks that she understands that he is not always home so she makes the most out of her time with him.


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