St. Maarten: Where my pilot wanted to honeymoon

When Austin and I first started talking about where we wanted to go for our honeymoon I rolled my eyes when the idea of going to St. Maarten came up. Maho Beach just seemed like the stereotypical pilot destination choice. Growing up I was never one to vacation on a beach because I lived about 10 minutes from one. I agreed to go because I knew it would be fun for Austin to see Maho Beach and I always heard beach vacations were relaxing. When we got there I wasn’t sure at first because there were areas that we had to drive past that were “not so nice” (to put it nicely). Once we got to Maho Beach and got see the beautiful clear water and I got to see the look on my husband’s face as the planes came in, I changed my mind. We had so much fun, we went 2 different times on that trip. We went one day when it was all smaller aircraft coming in (the less busy day when we had the beach to ourselves) and the day when the big aircraft were coming in (the day the beach was filled and we spent more time at the restaurant next to the beach but still had a great view). Overall I am glad we did it even if it was a stereotypical pilot vacation destination, we still had an amazing time and I am sure we will be going back.