1st time non-reving with my toddler alone

My daughter and I were going up to Upstate New York for a family reunion. We got to the Charlotte airport at 7am and we didn’t realize that the day before they canceled a flight (and as I type this I can hear all the pilot’s wives sigh). There are 3 airports within a 2 hour drive of where we were going. I rolled my daughter’s stroller from gate to gate trying to see if any flight had any open seats (I only needed 1! My daughter was 1 year old so still a lap child). As you can imagine my daughter was fighting a nap so hard in that busy airport with so many things and people to keep her distracted. I could not tell you the number of different gates we went to or the number of different flights we tried to make but we stayed in that airport all day. Finally at 4:30pm there was 1 open seat left on a flight to an airport a 2 hour drive away from the town we were trying to get to. As we were sitting at the gate about to board my daughter falls asleep for her nap.