How my pilot proposed!

Austin didn’t (and still doesn’t) own his own airplane. So, one day he rented a small plane at our local airport so he could take me up for an hour or so. This is something we talked about doing but I never really knew if it would ever happen. We got there that morning and I was taking pictures because it was the first time I had ever been up in a small plane. When we were up in the air he asked me if I wanted to take the controls for a minute. I really didn’t want to, honestly scared I would make us crash somehow. I took the controls for a second and then wanted him to take them back so he did (not realizing until much later that it was so he could get out the ring and prepare to propose). As he was flying he reaches into his bag and pulls out a ring and asks me to marry him (no, he didn’t get down on one knee in the airplane, I wouldn’t have wanted him to). Of Course I said yes and had to get a picture in the plane right after because of how happy we both were in that moment.


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